KFC Deletes Suggestive Ad On Twitter


KFC Australia sparked outrage after posting a suggestive tweet on April 14 showing a woman and man sitting on a couch and the woman reaching for something towards the man's groin, which was pixilated out.

The tweet's caption read: "WARNING: #NSFW Something hot and spicy is coming soon..."

An hour later, the tweet was deleted after it received a huge amount of backlash for its sexual nature. Some also accused the ad of being sexist for suggesting fairly common sexual behavior among heterosexual couples.

After the mass outrage and removal of the tweet, KFC Australia issued a statement to the Daily Mail Australia:

"This was a genuine tweet to launch KFC's new Hot & Spicy chicken products next week. It was not intended to offend and we've removed the image."

Upproxx noted some of the responses on Twitter to the ad included:

"all i’m saying is that it works with a lot of @KFCAustralia ads"

"KFC stole the idea from this McDonalds ad where a woman is giving her boyfriend a big mac"

"So KFC pulled their tweet, what are they chicken…"

KFC Australia later tweeted, "We are very sorry for our earlier tweet on H&S - we didn’t mean to offend and removed it when we [realized] we’d made an error in judgment.."

KFC was in hot water in 2005 when it released a video ad in the UK of people singing with their mouths full of food, according to Business Insider. That ad reportedly brought in more than 1,000 complaints because of poor table manners to the Advertising Standards Authority, the agency that regulates ads in the UK.

The KFC Australia ad was retweeted more than 1,300 times before the company deleted it, Business Insider reports.

More of the Twitter reactions included:

"KFC, if you are experiencing 'hot and spicy' sensations in your genitals, I recommend you speak to a doctor"

"Here's another reason never to eat at KFC. NSFW or anyone really"

Sources: Daily Mail Australia, Uproxx, Business Insider, KFC Australia/Twitter / Photo credit: KFC/Twitter via Uproxx

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