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Kendall Jenner Flaunts New Collection In Sculpted Top (Photo)

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Kendall Jenner has taken a series of provocative photos to promote the release of the new clothing line she's created with her sister, Kylie.

The photo shoot for the Kendall + Kylie collection lit up the internet as fans and critics got their first taste of the 21-year-old model's eponymous collection, reports The Sun.

The photo features Kendall reclining in a red chair against a background of broad-leafed plants. Her head is tilted back as if she's inspecting the photographer from underneath the pair of half-moon sunglasses she wears low on the bridge of her nose. Her face is bathed in a red light.

In the photo, Kendall's legs are spread and she wears dark, high-waisted pants. Hanging from her left wrist, between her legs, is a striking red bag. Her high heels are chrome and clear plastic, appropriate for a night on the town or a meeting with a rogue android.

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The photo has generated some controversy over Kendall's top. It is white, long sleeved, and form fitting, clinging to the model's body tightly. The midriff is corseted. Some critics say that the shirt is too revealing.

But many others have praised the model's forward-thinking fashion and her futuristic sense of style. The shirt, shoes, sunglasses, and bag all evoke a dystopian look, like she stepped out of a bar in the movie "Blade Runner."

Kendall has never shied away from showing off her body. She's regularly taken to her Instagram to post pictures of herself in revealing situations or debut new styles, often having to go toe-to-toe with Instagram's censors. The photo-sharing platform is notorious for its anti-nipple censorship.

But with this latest photo shoot, it seems as though Kendall has committed to "freeing the nipple" and campaigning to end the body-shaming hypocrisy that has divided the Instagram community. Rather than hiding her figure beneath clip-art slices of pizza or making apologies for being born with a striking feminine figure, Kendall has embraced her form, and specifically designed clothing that encourages other women to do the same.

It looks as though Kendall is taking control of the image and conversation surrounding her body, telling critics and fans that her figure and femininity give her and her clothing line power.

The photo shoot also seems to suggest that, despite having over $200,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her home after a small party, she doesn't let a material loss get her down.

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Kendall Kylie via The Sun

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