Did Kelly Ripa Boycott Her TV Show To Protest? (Video)


ABC-TV announced April 19 that Michael Strahan will be leaving the daytime talk show "Live with Kelly & Michael" to become a host on "Good Morning America." Kelly Ripa may not have seen this coming, and reportedly boycotted her own show April 20 (video below).

Strahan co-hosted the show with Ana Gasteyer, and said that Ripa was "off today," reports Uproxx.com.

Strahan went on to talk about his move to "Good Morning America" in September on the "same channel."

Unidentified sources at ABC-TV told TMZ that Ripa and most of the people who work on the show believe that ABC-TV's parent company, Disney, doesn't care about the long-running program and is focusing on improving the ratings of "Good Morning America," which lost a large part of its audience last year.

TMZ also notes there is talk about Ripa's show being canceled in order to add another hour to "Good Morning America," but it's not clear if a fourth hour would be found for Ripa, despite her show's strong ratings.

Uproxx.com reports that many of the talk show's fans are siding with Ripa on Twitter:

Dayyyyyyyyum. @KellyRipa not showing up today for @michaelstrahan goodbye announcement makes HUGE statement. #PISSSSSSED

My almost two decades long crush on Kelly Ripa had new life breathed into it this morning

@michaelstrahan how could you do that to @KellyRipa bruh

I Love @kellyripa and if they didn't tell her that Michael was leaving…NOT COOL! I would be pissed

Kelly Ripa's been doing this job for 15 years but newbie Mike Strahan is the one who gets promoted (I don't know what the job is but still)

Kelly Ripa is my hero


I bet Kelly Ripa is a world champion at profanity in private

Wow.... Michael really played Kelly Ripa like that?! Damn!

There were also several folks who offered to take Strahan's empty seat and be Ripa's new co-host.

Sources: Uproxx.com (2), TMZ / Photo credit: ABC-TV via YouTube

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