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Keaton Jones' Dad May Be A White Supremacist In Jail

Keaton Jones' Dad May Be A White Supremacist In Jail Promo Image

Keaton Jones, the bullied child whose story captured on video moved the world, has a father who may be a white supremacist currently in a Tennessee jail.

According to TMZ, Keaton's father, Shawn White, posted memes on his Facebook page in 2014 that read "HOLY F**K I LOVE BEING WHITE," "Keep Calm and be White Pride," and "Aryan Pride."

In addition, White uploaded a shirtless selfie showing off tattoos that read "PURE BREED" and "WHITE PRIDE."

Documents obtained by TMZ also reveal White has been in Knox County Jail since May 2015 on a probation violation related to a 2012 aggravated assault conviction. He is scheduled to be released in 2018.

While White posted a picture with Keaton and his sister in January 2015, the current status of their relationship is unclear.

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The news comes after Keaton's mother, Kimberly Jones, posted Confederate flag photos on Facebook in July 2015, CNN reports. Keaton is smiling alongside the flag in a few of the photos.

While Kimberly said she had been making a self-deprecating joke about "the all-American redneck family," her claims were met with skepticism. After the August 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Kimberly wrote a post reading: "If you aren't bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying!"

Kimberly defended the post by saying it was about negativity in general and was not intended as a commentary on the rally. Nevertheless, many of the celebrity fans Keaton accumulated since his original video went viral quickly dropped their support.

Singer Rihanna, who had called Keaton a hero on social media, deleted the post. She replaced the tribute with another anti-bullying message featuring images of Rosalie Avila, 13, and Ashawnty Davis, 10, both of whom killed themselves.

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Keaton and his mother were vilified online, with many accusing the mother of exploiting her son's pain for money.

Rumors circulated Keaton had insulted black classmates and thus brought the bullying on himself, though there was no evidence that had occurred.

Kimberly said she is horrified by the backlash, saying that it was causing Keaton to become further traumatized.

"People are threatening to kill my children," Kimberly said. "We went from the most amazing family in the country to the worst."

However, a few continue to at least support Keaton.

"I STILL support Lil dude," said rapper T.I. "While his family is spewing hatred around him... he himself will be able to speak from experience how much LOVE was shown to him on the gram by the very ones he's been taught to (DESPISE)!!!"

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