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Kathy Griffin Holds Trump's Bloody Head (Photo)

A photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded and bloody President Trump has sparked controversy.

During the photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, Griffin reportedly joked the two would likely be thrown in prison for the picture and would need to move to Mexico, TMZ reports.

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Yet while Griffin may find the shot amusing, others were less than pleased.

In the past, President Trump himself has repeatedly been accused of inciting violence with his speeches.

"I'll beat the cr*p out of you," Trump once mouthed to a protester at a rally, Mashable reports.

"Try not to hurt him," he told an audience member at another Make America Great Again event about a protester. "If you do, I'll defend you in court, don't worry about it."

It is now the same accusation Griffin is facing, with many calling her a hypocrite.

"Sickening display of hatred," commented one TMZ reader. "Disagreeing over policy is one thing. This is not disagreement. Griffin has equated her "opposition" to President Trump with the sadistic violence of jihadists.

"She needs to be arrested - period," said a second individual. "That is threatening the United States President. Disgusting."

"I actually agree and I detest Trump," added another.

"I'm sorry, I don't care if you like him or not," wrote a fourth person. "Show some respect for the office. I'm so sick of Hollywood thinking they are above moral standards."

"Just another desperate attempt from her for attention," chimed in a fifth. "Not a fan of Trump but it's just tasteless and only done for attention."

However, there were a few who couldn't see the big deal.

"Personally, I couldn't care less and I voted for Trump," said one individual. "What I find hard to take are the people like her who would scream and yell if someone held up the head of Hillary. That's what is truly offensive."

Griffin, who knew Trump before he was president, has previously bashed the man publicly. She has also been open about past interactions with him.

“Don’t act like he doesn’t say crazy stuff," she said, Towleroad reports. "He turned to me one time at one of these Larry King birthday parties…and he goes ‘so, you’re a female comedian.’ Like he’s that guy. "

"He just says one hateful thing after the other," she later said of the President, adding she believes he is "mentally ill" and an "idiot". "He’s so embarrassing."

Sources: TMZ, Mashable, and Towleroad/Photo Credit: Greg Hernandez/Flickr, TMZ 

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