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Kardashian Sister Turns Heads Over 'Unedited' Bikini Photo

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that show more and more Americans are raising awareness about unhealthy beauty standards.

In a photo posted on the Poosh Instagram page, Kourtney Kardashian flaunted the cellulite on her butt as she walked away from the camera lens, dressed in a thong bikini and red strappy heels.

Over the holiday weekend, the 42-year-old shared several photos in the same $113 GCDS patchwork bikini and matching red bucket hat.

The post’s caption was an advertisement of an interview with Kourtney’s trainer Jesse O’Hara, discussing at-home Pilates moves “for a rounder rear” like Kourt’s.

Fans flooded the comment section to praise and even thank Kourtney for her realness.

One person commented: “ok finally an unedited kardashian.”

A second wrote: “I love that the little dimples were kept! Its so natural and so beautiful ”.

Photo Credit: Instagram/poosh

Photo Credit: Instagram/poosh

Someone else commented: “way to empower the natural women body!!”

Kourtney has been open about her stretch marks, telling a fan that she “loves [her] little stripes.” She was responding to a comment on a past swimwear photo, and provided tips on how to minimize their appearance.

Sources: Page Six Style

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