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Kansas TV Station Reports On Sarcastic Facebook Comments (Video)

A TV station in Wichita, Kansas, recently scolded a city employee for mocking news coverage by three stations in the area over some flood coverage (video below).

Ken Burns, the communications director for the City of Wichita, wrote on his personal Facebook page on July 7:

"According to all 3 gushing Wichita TV news stations tonight, we need to be afraid of ankle deep water. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Sarcasm). I realize more than most they have a difficult job to do, but seriously?"

In response, TV station KAKE aired an in-depth report on Evans' sarcasm on July 8, noted

KAKE anchor Susan Peters read most of Evans' Facebook posting on the air.

In the same report, KAKE reporter Deb Farris repeated Evans' posting word-for-word.

Farris contacted Evans, and he replied via email:

"I stand by my comments in that context on Facebook, but don't consider my opinions about coverage of the news as 'news.' I'm not sure why anyone would? My attempt at humor was clearly directed at the live shots themselves not the flash flooding, and included a note about the difficult job reporters do each day. I don't know how it could be viewed any differently, but I am always willing to learn."

Farris also asked the mayor of Wichita and the city manager about Evans comments, which were not posted on the city's Facebook page.

Evans did not appear to break any local, state or federal laws, or Facebook rules.

Sources:,KAKE / Image credit: KAKE Screenshot


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