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Kansas Family Finds Snake in Toilet, Friends Destroy Toilet (Video)

A boy in Kansas City, Kansas, found a ball python inside the family toilet on Sept. 27 (video below).

"He's like, 'Ewww, Mommy, go look in the toilet,'" Jami Garcia, the boy's mom, told KCTV5.

Garcia called some friends for help, but they were not able to get the snake out of the toilet, in fact, the reptile retreated further inside.

The family's friends carried the toilet outside, destroyed it with a hammer and got the snake out.

The brave friend who pulled the snake out is keeping it as a pet, notes WHDH.

"I have two kids," Garcia told KCTV5. "I know nothing about snakes so I didn't know what to do."

"[Ball pythons] are native to Africa," Greg Smith, a local pet store owner, stated. "They're not native to Kansas, but they're great pets. This is one of the best pets going."

The Garcias have only lived in their home for a week. Neighbors say that the previous owners had snakes.

"I will check the toilet now," Garcia shared. "Every time I go the bathroom."

Sources: KCTV5, WHDH / Photo Credit: KCTV5 Screenshot


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