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Justin Bieber Throws Tantrum On 'Today' Show (Video)

Pop star Justin Bieber threw a mini-tantrum this morning on the "Today" show after performing a song in the rain (video below).

Bieber sported his newly-bleached hair as he yelled at the camera, notes Buzzfeed.

"Next time, I won't dance because the camera's right here the whole time, might as well not even dance" Bieber fumed. "What do I do this for?"

Only people on the East Coast saw him throw the fit as it was edited out for the West Coast.

The Daily Mail reports that Bieber told the crowd that his new hair took two and a half hours, but the UK news site said it resembled the "famous Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy."

Buzzfeed reports that other media coverage was very positive about Bieber's new hair and how he is now a "grown-up."

Sources: Buzzfeed, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: NBC-TV Screenshot


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