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Justin Bieber Strikes Paparazzo With His Pickup Truck (Video)

Justin Bieber Strikes Paparazzo With His Pickup Truck (Video) Promo Image

Justin Bieber accidentally drove into a paparazzo while exiting a church service in Beverly Hills, California, on July 26 (video below).

Several photographers, who were at the scene trying to get pictures and video of the pop star, filmed the accident, notes KABC.

In the video, the paparazzo is seen falling to the ground after Justin accidentally strikes him with his pickup truck. Witnesses then tell Bieber the victim is under his tires, and Bieber comes to a complete stop.

Bieber exits his vehicle and walks around to check on the man. As photographers gather around, Bieber goes off on them, saying: "Are you guys worried about me, or worried about this guy on the ground? What are you guys doing?"

Bieber then tells the photographers to put their cameras down and assist in the situation.

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Bieber asks the injured man on the pavement: "Hey, listen, is there anything we can do to help you? What can we do?"

The man complained about pain in his leg and said he needed an ambulance.

Bieber asked him: "The car didn't run over you?"

The man replied that he was hit by the tire.

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Bieber then continues to scold the photographers: "I can't see when you guys are all snapping and stuff."

The police and paramedics arrived and rendered aid, KABC reports.

Reality TV stars Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian also attended the church service and had their car parked near Bieber's vehicle. The sisters were not involved in the accident.

On July 24, a representative for Bieber announced that the pop star was cancelling the remaining dates of his "Purpose Tour" because of "unforeseen circumstances."

An unidentified friend of Bieber explained the situation to People:

He didn't feel like he could give the rest of the tour as much energy as his fans deserve. He is a perfectionist and didn't want to disappoint fans with some half-ass performance. He thinks his fans deserve and should expect the same performance at the end of the tour as in the beginning. He just didn't have that passion right now. He is truly exhausted.

It’s a mental exhaustion that very few people understand. It seems very fair, although understandably disappointing to his fans, that he canceled the rest of the tour. It’s a mature way of saying, ‘Sorry, I need to focus on my own health for a bit.’ It wasn’t an easy decision for him. He has had this feeling before though and knows he has to just take a break from performing. It doesn’t mean he will never tour again -- of course he will. He loves touring. Let the guy rest, and he will come back even better.

The exhausted 23-year-old star was asked on July 25 if he canceled his tour due to religious reasons, but he denied that was the cause, notes TMZ.

Sources: KABC, People, TMZ / Photo Credit: Marc E./Flickr, marcen27/Flickr (2)

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