Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans After Controversial April Fools' Prank

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On April Fools' Day, Justin Bieber tried to prank his fans that his wife Hailey Baldwin was pregnant. The prank backfired, and critics considered it insensitive especially for people who have fertility issues.

Justin Bieber apologizes for insensitive pregnancy prank

Bieber has since issued an apology through an Instagram post where he wrote that there are those people who will always be offended and who don’t take jokes well. He added that he was a prankster and it was April Fools’ day.

Bieber said that he didn’t have intentions of being insensitive to people who can’t bear children. According to Bieber, most people he knows always use the "I am pregnant" prank on their parents to provoke a reaction. However, he apologized and said he was taking responsibility to say sorry to the people who were offended.

The singer said he didn't want anyone to be hurt by just a prank likening the incident to a time when he shoved cake into his little sister's face during her birthday with the expectation that she would laugh but ended up crying instead. He concluded that sometimes you might not know what will hurt the feelings of someone and with pranks, you have to essentially roll the dice.

Bieber receives criticism for pregnancy joke from irate fans

On April Fools' Day, the 25-year-old singer uploaded a series of photos to Instagram implying he was about to become a father a few months after marrying Hailey Baldwin, 22. He first shared an ultrasound photo followed with one showing Hailey at the doctor's office with a caption "if U thought it was April fools." The singer later added a third photo with a puppy replacing the fetus in the sonogram of an earlier post.

The sonogram photo seemed to have been found on Google Images and to confirm that Bieber was pranking everyone, Hailey Baldwin commented on the photo indicating "very funny." The post drew criticism from fans with one stating that pregnancy was not a joke considering many couples deal with infertility and would love to have a child.

Another Twitter user tweeted it was absurd that Bieber considered a pregnancy announcement on April fools to be funny especially when at least 1 in 7 women experience miscarriages.

Recently Bieber indicated that he was taking a break from music as he is focusing on his mental health. He stated that he wanted to repair deep-rooted issues so that he can sustain his marriage and become the father he wants to be.

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