Judge Approves Caitlyn Jenner's Name, Gender Changes (Video)


A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge legally approved Caitlyn Marie Jenner's name change (formerly William Bruce Jenner), and Jenner's gender change to female on Sept. 25.

Jenner was not at the court hearing, but her lawyers were present.

The judge asked if anyone objected, no one did, and the name change was approved. The gender change was also approved, but not mentioned verbally in court, reports TMZ.

According to PEOPLE, Jenner requested that her medical history and other information that was relevant to the changes be sealed by the judge because of "unwelcome negative attention from private citizens," which was granted.

Jenner recently starred in the E! reality TV series "I am Cait," which concluded earlier this month with an emotional meeting with ex-wife Kris Jenner (videos below).

Sources: TMZ, PEOPLE / Photo Credit: E! Screenshot


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