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Journalist Reports Live At The Scene Where A Man With Dementia Went Missing, Then The Unthinkable Happens (Video)

It all started with a report that Mr. George Martin – a 71-year-old man with dementia – had escaped from the Parkside Inn Assisted Living Facility, a place in which he had only been living for a few days prior to the escape. According to attendants at the facility, Mr. Martin had broken out of his room’s window and wandered out of the facility at about 6:00 am. They then called the police to assist in tracking the man the next morning.

During the morning hours, a few news reporters had arrived at the scene together with police. First, they established that Mr. Martin had previously escaped from another living facility and had tried to take a bus to Seattle. As a result, the police came up with different options on how to track down the man quickly, some of which included the use of drones and canine units. About three hours into the search, news station cameras had begun rolling to cover the story.


Just before the story went live, however, a man with a description fitting that of Mr. Martin was spotted by the journalist Alanna Quillen. Incidentally, the man was spotted strolling on the sidewalk past policemen while the journalist’s back was turned to face the camera. She said that she tried calling out to the man and asking him if he was George, but he did not respond. Therefore, she turned to the police who were standing nearby to help her identify him. The policemen and journalists were shocked to find out that the man, who might have walked past them, was in fact the man they were looking for. Luckily, Mr. Martin appeared unharmed at the time when police officers took him in.

It was an interesting feat to see Mr. Martin walk right past the very people who were devoting resources to search for him. The reality is that the journalist provided a happy ending to what would have been a cat and mouse game between an old man and a host of drones. Nevertheless, police later said that they had taken Mr. Martin to the VA Medical Center to receive a check-up. As of now, whether or not Mr. Martin will go back to the Parkside Inn Assisted Living Facility remains unclear.

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Alanna Quillen

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