Josh Duggar's Sister To Appear At Women's Event, Sparks Outrage


Josh Duggar's sister, Jessa Duggar Seewald, is scheduled to appear at the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 10.

The show announced Seewald's appearance (with her husband Ben) on July 13 on Facebook.

According to Alabama Media Group, the event organizers said:

Guests are welcome to ask Jessa questions on her wedding details, life as a newlywed, her pregnancy and how she is preparing to be a first time mom when she appears on stage

After Jessa appears on stage, she will greet guests, sign autographs and take photos.

Seewald and her sister Jill Duggar Dillard told Fox News in June that they were touched inappropriately by Josh; the sisters also lashed out at the media for violating their privacy (video below).

In 2014, Jessa claimed that the evolution was to blame for the Nazi Holocaust.

Some of the commenters on the show's Facebook were not pleased by the choice of Jessa:

Of all the accomplished, intelligent talented women you could have chosen, you choose an uneducated 22 year old famous only for being in a reality show that was canceled? No thanks.

What does this cult member have to contribute? Stay bare foot and pregnant, rape is allowed, child molestation isn't that bad, and sell your soul to the devil so you don't have to get a real job.

This woman has zero credibility. She is an insult to all women. In addition, she is an uneducated bigot. What could she possibly have to say of value? She is certainly not an advocate for victims.

The event organizers wrote in the Facebook comments section:

The question and answer session during her appearance at the show is open forum, however; we are hopeful that public inquiries are appropriately respectful regarding this important and sensitive subject.

As an advocate for such victims, The Southern Women’s Show supports these endeavors to shed light and spark hope for the many children & families in need of support.

Sources: Facebook, Fox News via YouTube,Alabama Media Group / Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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