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Jimmy Kimmel Reads Negative Comments About Show (Video)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel read some negative comments May 3 from viewers who were angry that he had criticized Sarah Palin and her support of a climate change-denial film May 2 (video below).

The film, "Climate Hustle," was produced by Marc Morano and the conservative Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), noted Ars Technica.

The news site added that Morano, a former worker for Rush Limbaugh, also operates a climate "skeptic" blog that receives support from CFACT.

"The idea that [Palin] knows more than 97 percent of scientists is offensive," Kimmel said on his May 2 broadcast, notes CNET.

Kimmel then showed a video of several scientists affirming the existence of global warming.

However, the entire segment didn't go down well with some viewers, who wrote complaints on the show's social media pages, reports

Kimmel said during his May 3 broadcast that he was going to read some of those negative comments, and added that he didn't pick social media postings with bad grammar, it's just that the majority of the negative comments had bad grammar.

A man named Jim wrote on the show's Facebook page: "Mr Kimble if you are so smart many you should get a real job like climate scientist I give up you!"

A Facebook user named Eric added: "Sarah Palin might not be a scientist what she is saying doesn't need to be science to be understood the very scientists who claim to be telling the truth about global warming they knew they're lying to their teeth to help the government to control our lives in the name of global warming."

Facebook user Thomas noted: "Hey Jackass Scientists also thought the world was flat Do us all a big favor reduce man made gases and shut your yap!!!"

YouTube user UniversalScience G wrote on the show's page: "Global warming? Ha, give me a break. Look at the north and south poles. Seems pretty cold to me."

PiPi PiPi wrote on YouTube: "WTF? there is no climate change, can you see the snow?!"

YouTuber Naughty Stuff added: "His logic is flawed. So Einstein shouldn't have questioned what 97% of other scientist told him? Silly me."

Kimmel concluded the segment by saying he was kind of upset by the ignorant comments, but is now OK with climate change "wiping out the human race. It turns out we deserve it."

Sources: Ars Technica, CNET, / Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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