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Jimmy Kimmel Gives Free Cruise To Woman In Wheelchair Who Won Treadmill (Video)

Danielle Perez, who uses a wheelchair, became famous this week when she won a treadmill on "The Price Is Right" game show.

Perez appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on May 6 to recall what happened (video below).

The good-natured Perez explained how she is a comedian, didn't hold any ill will against "The Price Is Right" and would likely use the treadmill as a piece of furniture, noted

Kimmel asked Perez to guess the price of a bottle of peanut butter, and then awarded her with a free cruise that includes "wheelchair-accessible entertainment, wheelchair-accessible fine dining, a wheelchair-accessible bionic bar, wheelchair-accessible pools and staterooms," noted WABC.

Perez later tweeted, "@wendistarling @jimmykimmel Had so much fun tonight on your show! Thank you for being awesome & having me on! #lifegot #pinchmeimdreaming."

Sources:, WABC, Twitter
Image Credit: ABC-TV Screenshot


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