Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Want Baby No. 20 (Video)

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are famous for their 19 children, which in turn spawned their TLC reality TV show, "19 Kids And Counting."

The conservative Christian couple, who don't believe in using birth control, recently told Pat Robertson's 700 Club that they are trying to have another child, notes Charisma News (video below).

The Duggars began the segment by talking about their grandchildren, who are quoting the same Bible verses that their kids were taught to repeat.

When asked about having more kids by host Wendy Griffith, Jim Bob replied, "We're still trying."

Michelle stated, "And we would love more children if God saw fit to bless us and give us more, we would welcome them, just be thrilled about that."

Jim Bob added, "But we also realize that we may not have anymore, but this year we're having three grandchildren and I have feeling it's just going to multiply out from there."

In more Duggar news, daughter Jessa, who is pregnant with her first child, posted her first baby bump selfie online on May 18. At the time of the pic, Jessa was 16 weeks and one day into her pregnancy, notes HollywoodLife.com.

Jessa congratulated her husband Ben Seewald for graduating from National Park Community College in Hot Springs, Arkansas, last Saturday, notes US Magazine.

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Image Credit: 700 Club Screenshot


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