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Jessica Simpson's Son's Haircut Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Jessica Simpson's Son's Haircut Sparks Controversy (Photos) Promo Image

Singer Jessica Simpson sparked controversy after uploading a picture of her son's first haircut.

Before the haircut, the star's 4-year-old son, Ace, was often seen with long blond hair on Simpson's Instagram feed.

But after his trip to the salon on Sept. 6, Ace was seen sporting a much shorter hairstyle.

"First haircut" his mother wrote in the caption. "Thanks @jessieholiday for making my stud look all grown up."

The new cut was met with praise, but for controversial reasons.

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“No offense but finally!” wrote one commenter.

"So much better!" added another. "Doesn't look like a girl now."

"Now you can see that cute face... long hair belongs on girls, not boys," commented another.

The remarks quickly captured the attention of many around the world, who were outraged by the responses.

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"In 2017, very little is surprising anymore, but promoting the archaic notion that little boys can’t have long hair is not doing anyone any favors," wrote Carolina Bologna for HuffPost. "Maybe it’s time to let kids be kids -- and wear their hair at whatever length works for them and their parents."

"My boy had long hair for a long time too, until he was about 5," added one person in the HuffPost comments section. "I didn't care what anybody thought. When we were ready to cut his hair we cut it. Nobody else's business what we did with our son's hair. No one else's opinion mattered then. No one else's opinion matters now. My little boy was happy and Jessica's boy looks happy as a little clam either way."

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