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Jessica Simpson Accused Of Dying Daughter's Hair (Photo)

Jessica Simpson Accused Of Dying Daughter's Hair (Photo) Promo Image

Jessica Simpson was subjected to some backlash on Instagram after sharing a photo of her family's Halloween costumes.

Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson paid homage to musical duo Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings this past Halloween, Daily Mail reported. They dressed their son Ace as a cowboy, and their daughter Maxwell as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast."

The 37-year-old singer shared a photo of their costumes on Instagram, where some social media users couldn't help but notice that Maxwell's naturally blond hair was dyed brown.

"Why would you color your daughter's hair at such a young age?" one user asked.

"Great costumes. Is Maxwell's hair dyed? I hope not her blonde hair was so beautiful!!!" wrote another. "Hopefully just temp wash out color."

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But many other social media users appeared to be on Simpson's side, and defended her against her critics.

"Actually Jessica there is nothing wrong with you dying Maxwell hair for Halloween and she cute," wrote one Instagram user.

"Omg people. It’s a Halloween costume and she’s going as Belle," wrote another. "Belle has brown hair. It’s not that serious. It’s probably a wash off. So dramatic."

"It's hair ... who cares ... and she looks just as beautiful as a brunette as she does a blonde!" added another. "It will wash out eventually... it's HAIR."

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"I’m sure it’s a semi permanent and who cares if it isn’t," another user commented. "I wouldn’t personally die my (daughter's) hair so young but at least it is a natural color and she looks cute ! Not a stupid fashion color that parents are letting their daughters do."

Other users were more focused on Simpson's fake beard.

"Your beard is terrifying," wrote one user.

"I can’t get over how pretty she looks with a beard," joked another.

Simpson did not respond to any comments regarding her daughter's hair. She did, however, return to Instagram a week later to share photos of Maxwell once again sporting her natural blonde hair, suggesting that it was in fact just temporary dye that was used for her Halloween costume.

This isn't the first time Simpson sparked some controversy on social media.

Earlier in October, the singer shared a photo of herself in pigtails, prompting some Instagram users to question if the hairstyle was "age appropriate" for her.

During the summer, Simpson was accused of sexualizing her young daughter after sharing a photo of Maxwell in a pink and blue bikini. Simpson reportedly removed that photo.

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