Jessica Simpson Faces Backlash After Sharing Photos Of Her Newborn Child

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Jessica Simpson gave birth to her daughter Birdie on March 19, and about a month later, the proud mom shared family photos debuting the new baby.

In one photo, Simpson is holding Birdie, posing next to husband Eric Johnson and their older children, Ace and Maxwell.

However, two other photos, which showed Birdie sleeping in her bassinet, were slammed by Simpson’s fans.

While some gushed over the cute photos, other slammed Simpson for letting the child sleep on her stomach, contradicting the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines that advise parents to place babies on the backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

While the baby was clearly not left alone, many worried that Simpson was putting the baby at risk.

“Beautiful girls, beautiful dresses, but please BABY BACK ONLY,” one person commented. “Save yourself the heartbreak of SIDS.”

“Not to be a jerk but that baby should be back sleeping,” another comment read. “She’s someone people look up to. If one person took it that this was the correct way for [a] 1-2-month-old baby to sleep that would be bad, right?”

Others accused the critics of overreacting, and one person wrote, “let her be.” Others stated that it was once standard practice for babies to sleep on their bellies, although guidelines have since changed.

“Everyone is an expert,” one person wrote. “This isn’t her first child, people, and they are standing right there.”

Simpson’s mom, Tina Simpson, chimed in and wrote: “We stood over her and placed her in that position for a picture only! Enjoy the preciousness! Happy Easter.”

Despite this, some felt that Simpson should be setting a better example in terms of the safety of the child.

“Beautiful baby, but as a pediatrician ... back to sleep only ... even if just for a photo shoot and people are watching,” one comment read. “Lot of people look at your pics, Jessica!”

Sources: America Now

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