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Incorrect Answer To Final Jeopardy Question Deemed Hilarious On Social Media

On an episode of "Jeopardy" that aired on Oct. 23, viewers got to see a humorous answer to a Final Jeopardy question from contestant Becky Sullivan.

The final question of the night asked contestants to identify the name of a flower pictured on-screen, which was the same word for a common term used to “disparage those on the political left.” Sullivan was unsure of the answer, so she wrote in “pansy” to audience laughter.

Both before and after the Final Jeopardy answers were revealed, host Alex Trebek said, “I think you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country.” The correct answer ended up being the "bleeding heart" flower and was answered correctly by rival contestant Sean Anderson, the winner of the evening.

Sullivan lost $6,000 on the Final Jeopardy bet, reports Entertainment Weekly. Sullivan later wrote on her Twitter account that she did not actually know that bleeding heart was a type of flower, and answered with the only type of flower that she knew was also an insult.

Trebek said that although Sullivan's answer was incorrect, he liked it. The consensus on social media seemed to be that Sullivan's answer was a winner, even if she was not quite correct. News publications such as TheBlaze and The Daily Caller published a few of the responses to Sullivan's answer on Twitter, which were overwhelmingly positive.

Sullivan is an NPR producer, and explained after the episode had ended that she did not mean to insult anybody of any particular political persuasion. Someone later made a GIF of Sullivan laughing during the moment when the answer was revealed, and posted it on Twitter.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TheBlaze, The Daily Caller / Photo credit: EW via YouTube


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