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'Jeopardy!' Champion Matt Jackson Becomes Star With Creepy Smile (Video)

Matt Jackson, a Washington D.C. paralegal, has been dominating the TV game show "Jeopardy!" with his brainy answers and sinister smile (videos below).

During the introduction of each broadcast, the camera slowly zooms in on Jackson (as with all contestants) who slowly begins to smile. He also holds up fingers to signify how many games he has won, which is nine, so far, notes

The New York Daily News reports that Jackson has won $230,601, but it has come at a price. Jackson was mocked mercilessly by the "The Soup" on E! last week, and has been ridiculed on social media sites.

According to the "Jeopardy!" website, the 23-year-old was encouraged by his friend Sam Spaulding, who placed second in the 2010 College Championship, to try out for the college competition, but didn't make those in-person auditions, so Jackson tried out for the adult version in 2014 and eventually made it on the show.

Sources:, E!, New York Daily News, Jeopardy! / Photo Credit: E!/Jeopardy! Screenshot


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