Jennifer Lopez Faces Criticism For Tel Aviv Performance


Jennifer Lopez sparked controversy after announcing she will perform in Tel Aviv, Israel for the first time during the summer of 2016.

Activists critical of Israel’s role in its conflicts with Palestine urge the celebrity to cancel her performance under the hashtag #CancelTelAviv, the Daily Mail reports.

Social media responses ranged from pleading to accusatory.

“Say no to apartheid,” one user pleaded, while another individual wrote to Lopez, “[Palestinian children] deserve your lovely voice lulling them to sleep instead of entertaining #ApartheidIsrael #CancelTelAviv.”

However, some activists condemned Lopez herself.

“So many Gaza children never made it to class the next day and you are entertaining their killers #CancelTelAviv,” one user tweeted to Jennifer Lopez.

Some also posted photos of allegedly injured Gaza children.

One person tweeted, “Will you wear blood red for your Israeli concert?” The user attached a photo of a bleeding child and an image of Jennifer Lopez donning a red dress.

However, Pro-Israel supporters also responded to the #CancelTelAviv campaign and encouraged Lopez to ignore the messages.

One individual claimed the pro-Palestine activists were lying, stating “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.”

In addition, one Israeli group, StandWithUs, claimed some activists were posting misleading and inaccurate information.

“In one example I saw, an activist was spamming Jennifer Lopez with pictures from conflicts in Africa, while claiming the horrific pictures were from Gaza,” Emily Schrader, the social media director for StandWithUs, claimed.

According to the United Nations, as of June 2015, at least 461 Palestinian children in Gaza had been killed while only four Israeli children had been.

Overall, however, the conflict has claimed many lives on both sides, leaving some calling on both to stop engaging in polarizing rhetoric and violence.

“There is no difference between Arab blood and Jewish blood. Murder is murder,”  the family of murdered Jewish boy, Naftali Fraenkel, said, reports The New York Times.

“I call on both sides to stop the bloodshed,” the father of one of the Palestinian children, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, also said. “I am against kidnapping and killing. Whether Jew or Arab, who would accept that his son or daughter would be kidnapped and killed?”

Jennifer Lopez' Twitter via The Daily Mail, The United NationsThe New York Times / Photo Credit: MJ Magazine

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