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Jeep Drivers Teach Bad Parking Job Guy A Lesson (Video)

A group of drivers decided to teach a Best Buy shopper a lesson after a bad parking job in which he took up two spaces (video below).

Instagram account The Rough Jeep posted a video showing a poorly-parked red Mercedes in a Best Buy parking lot thought to be in Oregon -- the car was parked sloppily and taking up two parking spaces, the Daily Mail reports.

In the video, the two Jeep drivers take matters into their own hands by boxing the car in, parking their off-road toys very close on either side of the Mercedes. "Let's go wait for the guy to come back," says the man filming, and the group hides nearby to watch the driver's reaction.

When the car's owner comes back, he realizes that his car has been boxed in and he kicks the wheels of the two Jeeps in utter frustration. When he squeezes past the massive tires and tries to get inside, there isn't enough room for him to swing the door open.

Eventually, the man is forced to climb in through his car's rear hatch to get inside. The hatch closes and, a few seconds later, the Mercedes is on its way.

"Lesson is learned," said The Rough Jeep on social media. "Teaching that Mercedes driver how to park."

The Rough Jeep has almost 12,000 followers on Instagram. The video of the prank with the Mercedes reportedly gained hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram and YouTube. It's unknown whether the driver was genuinely pranked or if he was in on the video.

In a similar story in Maine, another bad parker may have gotten some payback for taking up two handicapped parking spaces, according to KTRK.

Matthew Mills of Biddeford, Maine, posted an image to Facebook of a Walmart parking lot, showing a car surrounded by a wall of shopping carts. The post has since gained thousands of likes and shares.

"This guy got a lesson in parking," wrote Mills. The car in the picture appears to be on the line between two spaces, which Mills said were reserved for handicapped parking. According to Mills, another customer had used the shopping carts to block the car from moving.

However, Mills said, the bad parking job may not have been on purpose.

"I was told it was an employee," he said. "It was icy and they [allegedly] slid into the spot this way and later found the carts arranged around their car."

Sources: Daily Mail, KTRK / Photo credit: Jason Weaver/Flickr

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