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Jed Mildon Becomes First BMX Rider To Perform Quadruple Backflip (Video)

BMX rider Jed Mildon made history on May 2 when he became the first rider in his sport to perform a quadruple backflip (video below).

His record-breaking stunt in Maryland was not revealed until July 12 when NBC broadcast its "Revolution Day: The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History" special.

Mildon and James Foster, who are Nitro Circus teammates and trained together for nine months, made several attempts with painful results before Mildon nailed it, noted the New Zealand Herald.

Mildon stated:

"This is the pinnacle of my life. Kinda like a story that you want growing up as a child but you don't know how it's going to pan out. It's unreal.

"To finally stomp the quad and reach my goal is unbelievable. I'm so pumped. It wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family, including my Nitro Circus mates.

"James Foster is such an incredible athlete and a great friend. He pushed me to challenge myself and test my limits."

Mildon was also the first BMX rider to pull off a triple backflip back in 2011; Foster has been doing triples in Nitro Circus live shows.

Mildon was asked by Transworld BMX if he would go for five backflips, and replied, "Of course it’s possible, good luck, though! (Laughs)."

Foster added, "Almost anything is possible with the right setup, but I don’t see it happening."

Sources: New Zealand Herald,Transworld BMX  / Image credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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