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Jeb Bush Begs Crowd To Clap For Him (Video)

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Jeb Bush is not meeting enthusiastic crowds in New Hampshire (video below).

During a speech at the Hanover Inn on Tuesday, Bush’s “fiery riff” on protecting the country did not receive the kind of response he had hoped for, said

“I won’t be out her blowharding, talking a big game without backing it up,” Bush said.

When Bush was met with total silence, he asked the crowd to clap.

The crowd finally laughed, and then clapped.

Despite the enthusiasm Bush has attempted to bring to the campaign, it’s been drown out by the angry and forceful rhetoric of more prominent candidates like Donald Trump.

And even though he has numerous endorsements, Bush only has 9 percent of support from voters in New Hampshire. 

It doesn't look like Bush will be receiving applause anytime soon.

Sources:, Mediaite / Photo credit: Mediaite

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