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Japanese Flock To Zoo To See 'Handsome' Gorilla For Themselves (Photos)

An Australian gorilla is quickly becoming a Japanese sensation because of his distinctive looks, and his fans are flocking from all over the country just to visit him.

Shabani was born in The Netherlands and raised at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, but since 2007, he’s been living at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan. Zoo officials say that there’s been a noticeable rise in female visitors since Shabani has started to gain fame on social media for being “too handsome.”

Allan Schmidt, senior zookeeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, says he’s not surprised that Shabani has become famous for his looks.

“No because the Japanese are crazy... The Japanese love their fads,” Schmidt said when asked if the gorilla’s fame shocks him. “I would say most people would consider him fairly dashing.”

“He's used to the limelight,” Schmidt added. “It's not surprising he's very successful.”

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Users online couldn’t help themselves from boasting about visiting the beloved gorilla.

“I went to Higashiyama Zoo. This hot Shabani ikemen was certainly handsome,” one girl tweeted.

“The meeting of going to see the handsome gorilla Shabani... it was a fun holiday,” tweeted another.

Sources: Daily Mail, Rocket News 24

Photo Source: Higashiyama Zoo, HapyYuka via Daily Mail 


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