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Ivanka Trump's Neighbor Verbally Attacks Protesters (Video)

An elderly neighbor of Ivanka Trump was caught on camera yelling at protesters who were outside the president's daughter's home on April 2 (video below).

Ashley Rae Goldenberg of MRCTV was not protesting; she was observing the group in northwest Washington D.C. But an 82-year-old neighborhood resident did not know that and unleashed his anger over the protest towards her, according to The Blaze.

"Invent something -- do something!" the man yells at Goldenberg, as captured in her video.

"I'm not with them, I'm not with them," Goldenberg responds.

"Then get out of here!" the man screams.

A male friend of Goldenberg then tells the man he doesn't have to be so rude.

"Rude? I live here ... Do you want to get your f***ing face hit?" the man asks. "Get out of here!"

"Do you want to hit me, sir?" the friend asks.

"Oh, I'd love to," the neighbor says in response.

"Come on dude. I'm right here," Goldenberg's friend says.

"You wanna fight with an 82-year-old?" the man says before once again cursing and telling Goldenberg's friend to leave.

The LGBTQ protesters gathered in Ivanka's neighborhood as part of an event called the "Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice," according to the Daily Mail. They marched with signs and speakers, protesting against President Donald Trump's administration's rollback of former President Barack Obama's climate change policies.

“We are out here to say send a message to protect Mother Earth,” one organizer told WUSA.

Some protesters voiced opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and how he may vote on environmental and LGBT issues.

“We’re out here protesting the administration and the choices they are making,” Firas Nasr said.

“Obviously, they chose him. Obviously, the Republican party stopped other candidates in the past. So, we’re here to protest that.”

On Twitter, Goldenberg said protesters were yelling "f*** Trump" to the beat of the song "We Will Rock You" by Queen.

It is unclear whether Ivanka was home when the protest took place. According to the Daily Mail, she was last seen on March 31 in New York City with her three children to celebrate her youngest child's birthday with her in-laws, the Kushner family.

Commentors on The Blaze's coverage of the story mostly shared the elderly man's annoyance with the protest.

Said one: "These dummies are a direct result of 8 years of failed obama policies. They don’t have jobs, can’t find jobs, don’t want jobs, and if they did probably couldn’t keep a job because of their 'everybody owes me' attitudes -- also generated by obama policies! Take away their free ride, and most of them will find a way to survive that will get them off the streets, or they’ll die. I don’t care which. I’m fed up with hearing the non-producers on the news every day in our racist hatemongering lying leftmedia!"

Sources: Ashley Rae Goldenberg at MRCTV/YouTube, The Blaze, Daily Mail, Ashley Rae Goldenberg/Twitter, WUSA / Photo credit: Mary F. Calvert/Daily Mail

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