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Ivanka Trump's Earrings Don't Match (Photo)

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking first daughter Ivanka Trump suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the women's summit in Germany.

But according to the Daily Mail, Ivanka intentionally wore mismatched earrings, worth roughly $600, from Italian luxury fashion label Marni.

Following a recent trend, one of Trump's earrings was also visibly longer than the other. The larger one is about 4 inches long.

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Both earrings include rhinestones, gold-tone metal and cut glass. One earring has a geometrical shape and the other is more rounded, like a clover leaf.

The mismatched earrings drew a variety of responses.

Some were hostile, and found the earrings a poor fashion choice.

"It wasn't deliberate!" wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Senility runs in the family at a young age!"

"It's just distracting," quipped a second commenter. "Not so much that they're not identical, but the ridiculous size. Well, her priority is the fashion business, so there you go."

Others were less focused on the look itself, but rather the "dangers" it represents.

"She is wearing most families grocery budget for a month on her ears and you people think her and her daddy understand real Americans," commented a third.

"As a political statement, Ivanka’s earrings go beyond mere glamour," adds Jess Cartner-Morley for The Guardian. "They go beyond dressing on-trend as a device to look in touch with the modern world."

"[The] mismatched earrings suggests an  independent-minded, creative-thinking outlook, an identity Ivanka Trump deliberately flirts with," she adds. "We should all be scared of Ivanka’s earrings, because they represent what makes her the most terrifying of all the Trump circle, which is her Bladerunner-replicant-like ability to make you believe -- just for a second -- that she is a bit like us."

Fans supported the look and defended Ivanka.

"More like gossipy rude judgmental types looking for reasons to gripe against a woman," one person said in response to criticism of Ivanka's appearance. "Do we ever hear a man's tie doesn't look right at a man's summit?"

"She is a fashion forward woman who's not going to dress like Angela Merkel," added another. "I think she looked beautiful, and elegant -- she pulled the look off with perfection!"

"She's smart, rich and beautiful," said a third. "She'll be a contender after a Trump wins his second term followed by two terms of [Vice President Mike] Pence and the complete rehabilitation of the Supreme Court. Suck it up snowflakes."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Guardian / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr, Reuters via Daily Mail

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