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Ivanka Trump's Father's Day Tweet Trolled

All first daughter Ivanka Trump's namesake company wanted to do was advertise its products on Twitter in time for Father's Day on June 6, but it looks like the plan backfired spectacularly.

"Whether a football lover or a coffee aficionado, these picks will please every dad," read Ivanka Trump HQ's tweet, which advertised a Father's Day gift guide featuring a $250 coffee maker, a $117 set of grooming products and a $325 briefcase.

But instead of attracting customers, Ivanka's company got trolled by hundreds who took the opportunity to poke fun at her father, President Donald Trump.

Some comments were more lighthearted.

"'Covfefe afficianado,'" tweeted one, in reference to the president's famed Twitter typo.

Most touched more serious issues.

"What will please my dad is not losing health insurance!" responded one Twitter user.

"My dad wanted a clean environment without rising sea levels or record high temps," added another. "I wish that had been one of your gifts."

"As an Army combat veteran (OIF), I suggest something more appropriate for your dad, like the U.S. Constitution and loyalty to the USA?" wrote one.

Some even referenced former FBI Director James Comey's recent Senate committee testimony.

"What's a good gift for a dad who's heading to prison soon?" chimed in a third. "Asking for a friend."

"Matching orange jumpsuits for father-in-law/son-in-law duos should for sure be on this list," said another.

"Maybe her father will stop obstruction of justice thereby giving the country a gift," quipped one. "Oh & could you stop your dad from tweeting. It's annoying."

While many applauded the responses and even contributed to them, Trump supporters were quick to defend Ivanka.

"Regardless of how you view her father Ivanka's only crime is that she is a loyal daughter who supports and loves her father," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "She is a beautiful, well educated woman who carries herself like a lady! I wish her success in all aspects of her life. Liberals...get a job and a life!! Leave her alone!"

"Schools call such actions cyber bullying and suspend students for it," shot back another. "That liberals sing with glee about this shows their level of immaturity. When others go low, liberals dive to the bottom."

Unfortunately for Ivanka, she was again trolled the next day as well after her Us Weekly cover was released reading "Why I Disagree With my Dad." Many poked fun at the words, making comparisons to the children of accused sexual assaulter, comedian Bill Cosby, and the famed Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker father/son storyline from the "Star Wars" movies, AOL News reports.

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