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Ivanka Trump Slammed For 'Creepy' Picture With Kids (Photos)

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Social media users are blasting Ivanka Trump, the first daughter and adviser to the president, for sharing photos of her kids hiding under her dress and captioning the image using a spelling error.

Ivanka Trump posted two slightly different photos to Twitter and Instagram on Dec. 5, in which she stands in a red ball gown, smiling and laughing while her kids sit inside the long dress and play what she called "Peak-a-boo!"

But the seemingly innocent moment rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

"Wow yes let's put a child under your skirt great role modeling," wrote one social media user.

Another asked if this is really "how the Trumps play" and wondered if they "think this is normal."

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"Yes there is a special place in hell for child molesters -- a seat in the Trump Senate," said one person. "You are all pathetic."

One Twitter user said that Ivanka Trump is "teaching the boys to look up girls' skirts," while another called the picture "kind of creepy" and "fake," adding that "this whole family is just off."

"Are you sure you want them touching your $4500 dress??" one person wrote. "God you're so relatable. BTW, did they find a Republican up there?"

Another simply wrote, "Russian nesting dolls," while somebody else brought President Donald Trump into it, saying Ivanka Trump is "teaching the kids how grandpa plays the 'upskirt game.'"

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"Is that where you hide your kids when Roy Moore visits?" reads one comment, referring to the Alabama Republican Senate nominee whom Donald Trump has backed.

"You kids stop that …" said somebody else. "Only Grandpa's allowed to get under my skirt."

Dozens of people have come forward and accused Moore of acting inappropriately and pursuing relationships with teenagers while he was in his 30s, notes The Washington Post.

"Oh good lord, there is so much wrong with this picture," wrote one Twitter user. "Are you seriously so utterly tone deaf than to post a picture of boys looking up your dress?"

Some simply had a problem with Ivanka's spelling of "peak-a-boo," calling her "dumb as daddy" and telling her that "money can't buy the ability to spell."

"PEEK," one comment says. "And you were supposedly the smart one. I know I know. Your lawyer wrote that tweet."

Still, there were plenty of people who defended her, saying that "it's still a precious moment" even if she did make a spelling error.

"ADORABLE!!" reads one supportive comment. "Peak or Peek...nobody ever had a typo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Others offered general encouragement, telling her to "keep up the great job" she is doing and to "stand tall."

"Fun, creative and always radiating love and kindness," one person wrote. "Love you both so very much. Thank you for all the love and joy you share."

One person defended the photo, calling it "sweet" and saying anyone who doesn't feel likewise is "the one that needs help!"

"I don't like your dad, but this is adorable," reads another comment.

Sources: Ivanka Trump/Twitter, Ivanka Trump/Instagram, The Washington Post / Featured Image: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/DoD via DVIDS / Embedded Images: Ivanka Trump/Twitter, Ivanka Trump/Instagram

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