Ivanka Trump Criticized For Liking Photos Of Herself

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First daughter and presidential advisor Ivanka Trump caught a wave of criticism on Sept. 4 when someone noticed she had liked a handful of photos of herself on Instagram.

"Ivanka spent her morning liking fan page photos of herself on Instagram," Politico reporter Madeline Conway tweeted alongside a screenshot of Trump's Instagram activity, which showed her liking four photos of her and her family from several fan accounts.

"The narcissism runs deep in that disgusting family," one Twitter user responded to Conway's observation. 

Another said the businesswoman turned political advisor and her father, President Donald Trump, share "unparalleled" amounts of "egocentrism."

"Their family has multi-faceted psychological dysfunction / madness, that they're now displaying in front of the country [and] the world," wrote another Twitter user, who included the hashtag #Impeach, the Independent Journal Review notes.

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Though there were a fair number of anti-Ivanka responses, some did come to the fashion designer's defense and questioned why it is newsworthy for somebody to have a social media presence.

"But let me guess you thought all of Obamas selfies were cool," tweeted one person. "The hypocrisy on the left is palpable."

Another commented: "And someone spent their morning trying to figure out what Ivanka did on Instagram."

An article on AV Club compared Ivanka's Labor Day morning online activities to those of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who spent some of that same time defending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in a Facebook debate. A number of Twitter users compared this favorably to Ivanka's activity, though others questioned whether it was a ploy to give a prospective presidential run some steam.

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Only one of the fan page photos that Ivanka liked were of just her, the Independent Journal Review notes. The other three included her daughter Arabella, a firefighter and another woman.

Ivanka does occasionally hit the like button when a picture of herself posted to one of the fan pages catches her eye. 

As of Aug. 7, the first daughter followed 38 Ivanka Trump fan accounts, according to Jezebel.

In June, she went on a similar liking spree, hitting the heart-shaped button on pictures originally taken by the paparazzi and her family members.

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That action log, which was posted to Twitter, drew mixed responses. One user coined the term "Ivanity" to describe Ivanka's action, but another sympathetically asked: "So if you saw yourself in an Instagram pic you wouldn't tap that like button?"

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