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Ivanka Trump's Brand Under Fire For Thanksgiving Tweet (Photos)

Ivanka Trump's Brand Under Fire For Thanksgiving Tweet (Photos) Promo Image

Ivanka Trump's namesake fashion and lifestyle brand tries its best to avoid politics, but on Twitter that seems impossible.

On Nov. 16, Ivanka Trump HQ, the brand's Twitter handle, posted an article featuring tips on decorating for Thanksgiving. 

"Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Problem solved," the Tweet read. A photo posted along with the tweet shows an enormous clamshell centerpiece overflowing with pumpkins, branches and pinecones. 

The tips in the article came from interior designer Allison Domonoske, an independent contributor, according to HuffPost.

Despite the origin of the tips, Twitter commenters piled on the post, criticizing the decorating tips as out of touch and making jokes at the first-family's expense. 

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"Dear Ivanka: I really wish I had time to peruse the beaches for shells, stores for linens that match the colors of the shells etc, but I work and am barely going to make 50,000 this year. Not enough to pay for health ins, vacation or time off but enough to pay more taxes!" wrote one commenter. 

"Awe! Lovely! Sadly I'll still be looking how to cover my babies therapies since Medicaid stop paying for them since your dad is President," wrote another, including a link to an article about Medicaid cuts in Texas. 

The offending article claims to "aim for affordable" and includes links to reasonably-priced cloth napkins and silverware. But it also suggests using Waterford crystal glasses and French-made Astier de Villatte plates. 

"As an alternative, consider the lovely simplicity of this stainless steel tray with matching flatware," wrote one commenter, attaching a picture of a prison food tray. "Not only will it provide a timeless symmetry to your table, it will also be a kind gesture to help prepare your family for holidays in a more institutionalized setting." 

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Trump still owns the Ivanka Trump company, but is no longer involved with running the business, according to Bustle. The brand's website makes no mention of Trump's new political job or her father's election. Many of the brand's recent tweets have been beset by political comments, focusing on her role in her father's administration. 

"It's unprecedented what this brand is dealing with," company president Abigail Klem told Refinery29 in March. "We are really committed to having the brand be separate, even from [Ivanka], so certainly her dad is even more distant from that. We're committed to doing everything we can to carve an identity for this brand that is about what the brand stands for and the core brand attributes."

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