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Ivanka Trump Blasted For Hanukkah Outfit (Photos)

Ivanka Trump Blasted For Hanukkah Outfit (Photos) Promo Image

First daughter Ivanka Trump has sparked some outrage among social media users who called her outfit for the first night of Hanukkah inappropriate.

Ivanka Trump stepped out of her Washington, D.C., home wearing a shoulder-baring dress for the first night of Hanukkah, prompting some social media users to question the appropriateness of her choice of attire, the Daily Mail reported.

The photos were taken on Dec. 12. She was spotted stepping out of her house with husband Jared Kushner. Despite the cold temperatures, she opted not to wear a jacket, but did wear knee-high boots.

Ivanka Trump completed her look with a matching black handbag, and a pair of earrings adorned with black, white and navy beads. Kushner was seen wearing a gray suit and navy tie to compliment his wife's shoulder-baring dress. He was seen smiling in the photos, despite being a key person of interest in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

But for some social media users, her dress did not appear to be appropriate for the holiday season. Some users blasted the first daughter, questioning her fashion choice.

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"It seems strange that a woman who has converted to Orthodox Judaism would dress like this in public," wrote one social media user.

"She looks so cheap and trashy in that outfit," wrote another. "Hardly appropriate for the first night of Hanukkah. She wears the most inappropriate clothing. Zero taste."

"Ya, I'm wondering if she's heading to the synagogue dressed like that," added another.

"My Rabbi would [chastise] my parents then me if I showed up to Temple dressed like that," another commenter wrote.

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Other users suggested Ivanka Trump ask others for input when it comes to fashion.

"I'm not liking her outfit choices lately. She needs to take styling advice from her stepmother Melania who's always well put together," wrote one user.

"I like thigh high boots but maybe for certain times and places? Maybe not professional business or religious attire," added another. "Maybe business if [you're] in the entertainment industry, fashion or the like...."

Ivanka Trump also took to Twitter to share photos of her with her family at the Hanukkah reception that took place at the White House earlier in December.

"Tonight, as we light the menorah, Jared, Arabella, Joseph, Theodore and I wish everyone celebrating a Happy Hanukkah!" she tweeted.

She converted to Judaism after marrying Kushner, according to the Daily Mail. They are raising their children as Orthodox Jews.

Sources: Daily Mail, Ivanka Trump/Twitter / Featured Image: Michael Vadon/Flickr / Embedded Images: Daily Mail

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