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Ivanka Shares Tribute To COVID-19 Victims, Faces Mixed Reactions On Twitter


On Sunday, Ivanka Trump posted a tweet asking her followers to pray for the Americans who have died during the coronavirus pandemic. Her tweet elicited mixed reactions, with some stating that Ivanka was not in a position to comment on the pandemic while others showed her their support.

She tweeted: "This Sunday, let’s come together in prayer, and hold in our hearts, all who have lost their lives to COVID-19 and their grieving families. God bless you and all the brave heroes on the frontlines in the war against this invisible enemy."

The post garnered numerous likes and retweets in just a couple of hours, and the comment section was soon flooded with people supporting or criticizing her. However, a vast majority of the comments criticized her for her role in her father’s administration. Many felt that she was at least responsible for the mass coronavirus casualties in the country.


With over 1.16 million cases and over 70,000 deaths, the country is the most hit in the world, long surpassing Italy. However, there have been 152,000 confirmed recoveries. While the coronavirus outbreak was first reported in China in December, the U.S. did not confirm any cases until March. A number of experts have stated that the Trump administration ignored opportunities to combat the virus early on.

According to CNN, four separate investigations have been launched to look into the federal response to the pandemic. The investigations are looking into evidence that the president denied life-saving aid, costing Americans their lives.

However, social media uses from both political sides have argued that the investigation is not productive while the pandemic rages on. Many have maintained that they do not want the crisis to be politicized since this will only serve to galvanize various groups in the wrong direction.


Some of the replies to Ivanka’s tweet read:

“Ivanka’s latest software update includes a test run of an “empathy feature” - but it’s still in beta.”

“67,000 Americans are DEAD! Ivanka represents her family businesses. She’s using her family to steal from Americans. They are a family of con artists.#NepotismBarbie #unwantedivanka#sweatshopbarbi”


“Let’s grieve for the tens of thousands of Americans who have died due to your dad’s denial and incompetence. (Your dad spends much more time crowing about TV ratings than mourning the fatalities he has caused.)”

“Please God save us from this pandemic of COVID-19. We are standing with u @IvankaTrump ma'am.”

“Can't believe how many negative comments... when all she asked was for prayers...and people spew evil! I pray for all those that left negative comments....guys...she asked for prayers...God is in charge no matter what you believe...this virus was man made by will...”

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