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Roommate Ad Sparks Controversy For 'No Trump' Clause (Photo)

A woman's ad seeking roommates has sparked debate for a clause saying that she won't consider supporters of President Donald Trump.

Sahar Kian, 23, was looking for a roommate for her house near Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and included a number of preferences in her Craigslist ad. She said that she was looking for a home free of alcohol, pets, and any meat products -- and of people who support Trump, CNN reports.

"Alcohol, pets and meat products are not allowed in the house," read Kian's ad. "Neither are Trump supporters.

Kian, who works for a non-profit, denied that the ad was "intolerant."

"Look at me, I'm brown. I'm a woman. I am somebody who is heavily reliant on Obama's pre-existing condition clause," said Kian, speaking to Michael Smerconish on CNN about her ad. Kian added that having a roommate who supported Trump would create a "hostile environment" for herself and for her other roommates, who are immigrants.

"I would be more than happy to settle issues with you at protests or in a Congress setting," said the 23-year-old, "but I am not obligated to turn my house into a political battlefield when I come home from work in the evening."

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Kian said that she wasn't discriminating against those with political differences because to her, anyone who supported Trump is "by all means a bigot."

"It doesn't say no conservatives in my ad, it doesn't say no Republicans, it doesn't say no Christians, it says no Trump supporters," she explained. "There's a distinction between Republican, conservative and Trump supporters."

"I can't buy the notion that says 46% of those who voted in the recent election are by definition bigots," responded Smerconish. "To the blue-collar worker who's been a reliable Democratic voter but feels disenfranchised in this economy and has a set of grievances about their inability to get ahead and earn an income … and voted for Donald Trump. I’m just not putting them in a basket of deplorables."

"Some of them, perhaps," admitted Smerconish. "But not all of them. And I guess that's what troubles me is that you're painting with a broad brush."

Kian said that Trump supporters likely wouldn't enjoy living in her home either, particularly those who support his travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries.

"Frankly, it would not work out," said Kian in a New York Times article profiling millennials who don't want to live with Trump supporters. "That person would not be comfortable here because we bash Trump nightly."

Kian, who has only lived in D.C. while former President Barack Obama was in office, said that she wasn't sure how the city might change under Trump.

"I'm not quite sure what this city is going to look like," she said. "That's even more reason for me to keep that no-Trump supporters clause in there."

Sources: CNN, The New York Times / Photo credit: Jeremy T. Hetzel/Flickr

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