Man's 'Sarcastic Jerk' Obituary Goes Viral (Photos)


A Michigan man's one-of-a-kind obituary recently went viral.

After 24-year-old Dennis Saycocie died on Feb. 21 following a 2-year battle with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, his friend Russ Roozeboom paid tribute to him in a brutally honest manner.

"Some people have a way of knowing the perfect, most encouraging things to say," Roozeboom wrote. "Dennis was not one of those people, and his willingness to share his thoughts wasn't always immediately appreciated."

Saycocie, who was diagnosed on Valentine's Day 2014, suffered a leg amputation as a result of the cancer — which Roozeboom mentioned in the tribute.

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"Life tried to kick him down, but Dennis kicked it back so hard his leg fell off," he wrote. "Whatever the circumstances, Dennis managed to stay the same sarcastic jerk everyone knew and loved."

Saycocie's girlfriend, Natalie Vander Ark, reportedly requested that Roozeboom write the obituary.

"We wanted something funny and we didn't want people to forget what a great guy he was," Roozeboom told MLive. "We were shooting for something that put his life in a nutshell."

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According to the obituary, Saycocie left behind his parents, "the love of his life Natlie Vander Ark, a couple of fried motherboards, a modified-to-hell car, and the rest of us sorry saps who had the pleasure of knowing, and therefore loving, him."

"Dennis brought joy to everyone he met -- once you got to know him," the tribute read.

Sources: MLive, Lakeshore Memorial Services / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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