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Viral Scary Story Claims Virginia Plantation Is Haunted By Six Murdered Boy Scouts

One of the oldest homes in Charlottesville, Virginia, made headlines recently after a story claiming the property is haunted went viral.

The historic Dunlora plantation was founded in Charlottesville in 1730, according to caretaker Kenny Taylor, who says, “it’s been in the hands of the same family ever since then.”

On Jan. 25, the property made headlines after horror movie production company Blumhouse shared a story about the Dunlora Farm House, claiming it was the location of the murder of six Boy Scouts sometime in the early 20th century. 

In the story, the Scout leader went on a search for his missing Scouts, only to find them with their stomachs cut open. The Scout Leader said that a witch, who took over the property in 1900 according to legend, had killed the boys, but police wrote him off as insane, arrested him for the murder of the six boys, and sent him to an asylum where he would spend the rest of his life.

The legend says the souls of the boys still live in the trees lining the entrance to the mansion and that the tortured soul of the Scout leader lives in one tree as well.

The story quickly went viral, with the original Facebook post being shared several thousand times. Taylor says the story has caused increased traffic to the property, made up of curious people who wanted to see for themselves if the property is haunted.

Sources: NewsplexBlumhouse, Blumhouse/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsplex

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