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In-N-Out Fan Eats his Meal Like An 'Absolute Maniac' (Video)

Video (below) of a man immensely enjoying his meal at In-N-Out Burger is going viral.

Cellphone footage from another diner at the fast food restaurant shows a man seemingly having the best meal of his life, devouring at least four burgers, an order of fries and a strawberry milkshake.

In the video, the man dives right into the meal, holding a burger in each hand, alternating bites between the two. He then picks up his milkshake, but doesn’t take a sip. Instead, he pours it right onto one of the burgers and continues to eat.

Throughout the rest of the video, the man, dressed in a clean button-down shirt and tie, continues to enjoy every second of his meal, dunking his burger into the milkshake and taking huge bites.

The video was posted to YouTube by The Chive on Feb. 12. It was entitled "Guy Eats In-N-Out Like An Absolute Maniac" and has been viewed over 1.5 million times in five days.

“This dude lives in the moment, he knows what’s up,” YouTube user Berard commented. “Eat like you gonna die tomorrow.”

Watch the impressive display of eating above.

Sources: Daily MailThe Chive/YouTube / Photo Credit: The Chive/YouTube Screenshot via Daily Mail

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