Local Pothole Gets Birthday Balloons, Poster (Video)


A local resident in Jackson, Mississippi, has adorned a caution sign over a pothole with birthday balloons and a poster in mock celebration of the pothole's "birthday."

The pothole, located on Devine Street in the city's Belhaven neighborhood, has been causing frustration for drivers in the area for the past 16 months, WJTV reported. Two smaller potholes nearby are about a year old.

After 14 calls to the local 311 number – which city residents may call to report nonemergency problems and concerns – garnered no response, local resident Eddie Prosser found a creative way to bring the pothole to the attention of city officials.

The man decorated the orange caution sign that had been placed over the pothole with birthday balloons and a poster that read: "Happy birthday pothole. I have been here over a year! My 2 little brother potholes too! 311 calls about us started on February 2015."

Prosser told WJTV that he had a sense of humor about the situation.

"I do find our problems in the city of Jackson serious but at the same time just one small pothole," he said. "When they fix the potholes just a block away it wouldn't of taken another 10 minutes [to fix this one, too]."

The man's efforts appear to have produced results.

On April 24, city workers came to the street and filled the pothole with dirt, WAPT reported. They have not yet paved over the pothole, which they said was about 5 feet deep.

The two smaller potholes nearby were also filled. 

Sources: WJTV, WAPT / Photo Credit: WAPT/YouTube

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