Hilarious Reminder To Little League Parents Goes Viral


A hilarious sign at a little league field went viral.

The sign, originally shared by Reddit user GreenGrasser11 on Imgur, was displayed at a Pleasanton Little League game in Texas and was written from the point of view of the players.

The sign read: "REMINDERS FROM YOUR CHILD: I'm a KID. It's Just a GAME. My Coach is a VOLUNTEER. The Officials are HUMANS. No College Scholarships will be Handed Out Today. Thank You and Have Fun!"

The clever yet necessary sign quickly went viral, garnering more than 2 million views in just a few days.

"It's sad that this is necessary," one viewer commented.

"That's right folks, it's time to be best cheerleader for your kid and their whole team NOT get out all your frustrations and be an ass," another wrote.

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The sign in Pleasanton was something apparently missing from a 2013 Little League game in Greeley, Colorado, where a brawl involving around 20 people ensued.

The game reportedly went on as scheduled, but a fight broke out afterward when parent James Dyer began yelling at the opposing coach. Dyer and his wife, Jammie, were cited for causing the fight.

"[They were] cited for assault, disorderly conduct and theft, because it was reported that the cell phone was taken away and that mom had punched several people," Greeley Police Sgt. Susan West told USA Today.

According to parent Jennifer Metzler, who was at the scene of the brawl, some parents were rolling on the ground and one got kicked in the groin.

"The boys were crying," she said. "All the boys were crying."

On the more pleasant side of things, a Rhode Island Little League coach garnered attention after he gave an inspiring speech to his players following a one-run loss in the Little League World Series.

"You had the whole place jumping," he told his team, Today reported. "You had the whole state jumping. You had New England jumping. You had ESPN jumping. Because you want to know why? They like fighters. They like sportsmen. They like guys that don't quit. They like guys that play the right way."

Sources: GreenGrasser11/Imgur, USA Today, Today / Photo credit: Glen Ellyn/Flickr

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