Officer Conducts Pretend Traffic Stop For Toddler

An officer conducted a pretend traffic stop as part of the community Easter Sunday celebration in Fresno, California on March 27.

A 1-year-old "princess" at Roeding Park had an Easter to remember thanks to Traffic Officer Erik Castillo. Many areas throughout the city provided special attractions for the Easter holiday, according to KSFN News. More staff were available to assist residents, and the various city parks, including Roeding Park, were open later than usual. 

The toddler, who identified as Avery according to the "police report" sent to KMJ News, was driving her toy convertible sports car throughout the grass and enjoying the Easter events with her family. Castillo was on patrol as part of the Easter Sunday Safe Park Operation when he saw Avery dressed as a princess and enjoying her car around 4:00 pm.

Although this police report was written in an identical way to any another, KMJ News reported that it had a different ending.

"Officer Castillo decided to issue Avery a Junior Motor Officer Sticky Badge instead of a citation and wished her a Happy Easter," the report read.

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"Great job officer!" Deanne Lewis Hale wrote on the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Facebook page. "You made a difference today. Thanks for all you and the entire Fresno Police Dept. do to keep us safe."

"So cute the valley has some of the best officers," Ofelia Ortega wrote on the KSFN Facebook page.

"Would have been better if she floored it and went on low speed chase haha," Jim Linder wrote.

"It was real nice of them to give her a badge sticker," Anita Gonzales wrote. "Fresno police officers You rock!"

This isn’t the first time the Fresno police department has demonstrated their interest in community involvement.

In August 2015, several law enforcement officers spent the day at Vang Pao Elementary School and treated the community to free carnival games, inflatable bouncy play areas, music and food, KSFN News reported.

Through these events, the Fresno police department aims to foster relationships with young residents and at-risk neighborhoods in the community.

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