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Chick-Fil-A Customer Helps Homeless Man

Love What Matters, a Facebook page that shares stories of every day people's acts of kindness, recently posted a story from someone identified only as V. Lang, whose partner Donald recently stepped up to help a homeless man.

The story, posted on Facebook March 10, included a photo of Donald helping the homeless man at a Chick-fil-A restaurant

"The other day while eating with my man, Donald (blue shirt) he gets up and ‘walks to the bathroom’ but instead, I watch him stop at a booth where this man is sitting alone,” Lang wrote alongside the photo.

“There's nothing on the table and while listening I hear Donald say 'you hungry buddy?'" Lang continued. "His eyes light up, he looks up at Donald and says 'you have no idea.' Donald smiles and says 'C'mon, I got you.' They walk up and Donald orders whatever the man wants.

“All the while they have NO IDEA while [they're] in conversation talking like old friends everyone is staring, in awe, even some kids, making them all think. 

“When Donald gets back to me he doesn't say one word, he just began talking to me about other things. He didn't need anything back, he just wanted to help.”

The story garnered over 44,000 reactions and nearly 5,500 shares in one day. Other Facebook users then took to the comments section to share similar stories of customers helping the homeless.

“I remember when I had a table, I was working at IHOP, and this man was clearly homeless counting his change for a cup of coffee,” Tiffany Lauren Livingston wrote. “I told the other two girls I was working with I wanted to buy him breakfast or whatever he wanted. They decided to chip in. My manager overheard us and said put your money away ladies, it's on me today.”

Although it’s not clear where this latest incident happened, a similar incident occurred in January, which Love What Matters also posted about on their Facebook page. In that case, a Chick-fil-A manager bought a meal for a homeless traveler.

Sources: Love What Matters/Facebook (2) / Photo Credit: Love What Matters/Facebook

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