Video Of Grandmother Making Snow Angel On 85th Birthday Goes Viral (Video)


A Pennsylvania grandmother was caught on video making a snow angel on her 85th birthday (video below).

In the video, Betty Ritchie is helped to the ground by her daughter and son-in-law so she could make a snow angel.

"I've just always made snow angels with my kids and everything," she told Today.  "So I didn't want to be a big wheel. I just wanted to make an angel."

Ritchie said she got the desire to play in the snow while riding around with family shortly after her birthday.

"My daughter and her husband were driving down there one day and I said, 'I want to make a snow angel,' so my granddaughter helped me get in and out of the car and we did it," she said.

Ritchie's daughter, Sherry Spangler, said her mother was always a playful person.

"She was the kind of mom who always went sled riding us, she always went swimming with us. She wasn't the kind of mom who just sat around," she said. "And every time it would snow she'd say, 'Come on, we'll make snow angels.' That's just what we always did. We still do, even us big kids."

Spangler posted video of her mother on Facebook on Jan. 30, which quickly went viral and garnered more than 24,00 shares.

"Your mom is awesome!" one viewer exclaimed in a comment on the video. 

Ritchie, who lost another daughter recently to heart illness, said the video of her making the snow angel going viral helped her mourn. 

"She's been really down in the dumps about my sister dying last August. We just think it's been a boost for her spirit. I said, 'Mom, you've just brought a smile to a million people's faces,'" Spangler said.

Watch the heartwarming video below.

Sources: Today, Sherry Proper Spangler/Facebook / Photo credit: Today 

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