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Student's 'Disturbing' Racially Charged Rant Goes Viral (Video)

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Video of a Maryland teen ranting about the Black Lives Matter movement with racially charged statements went viral in late January, prompting a response from the boy’s school district.

Howard County, Maryland, superintendent Renee Foose called video of a local student “disturbing” and said in a letter to parents that his comments were a “teachable moment.”

“I mean, seriously, who the f--- cares about some black man who dies,” the teen says in the video, referring to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

A student offscreen subsequently asks the teen to repeat his remarks.

“They’re an inferior race, OK?” he responds. “Does anybody really care? Like look at this motherf-----!” He then holds up a $5 bill displaying the face of Abraham Lincoln. 

“This guy is a traitor to the white race! Alright?”

The video quickly went viral, soon catching the attention of school officials. The teen later posted a message to social media apologizing for the rant.

“I am learning from this mistake and hope to gain forgiveness from those who I hurt with my words,” he said. 

Watch the disturbing rant below.

Warning: Contains strong language.

Sources: The Washington Post, Tumblr / Photo credit: Tumblr

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