Video Of Teenage Girl Beating Boy Up Goes Viral (Video)


A video of a teenage girl beating up a boy in a California high school campus has gone viral on Facebook (video below).

The incident occurred on Feb. 11 at Sonoma Valley High School, the Sonoma Index-Tribune reports. Principal Kathleen Hawing confirmed that the girl in the video was a student at Creekside, the alternative school on the same campus.

The video shows a girl in the middle of a fight with a boy. The girl is seen slamming the boy to the ground, then kneeing him in the face twice.

A woman is heard screaming: “Get that girl! Right now! Who is that girl?”

The girl successfully flees the scene after a teacher tries chasing her down.

The girl is still at large and has not been identified.

Police were not called, but an EMT was contacted to check on the boy’s condition.

The video made rounds on Facebook and garnered over 13 million views, 112,000 likes and 88,000 shares in just three days. Several Facebook commenters applauded the girl, assuming the boy was bullying, or at the very least, harassing the girl.

However, the events that led up to the violent scene remain unclear.

“We never condone violence in any shape or form,” Hawing told the Index-Tribune. “People are commenting on Facebook without any knowledge of the incident, and it's just unfortunate that those are the things we deal with.”

Hawing said school administrators had requested for Facebook to take the video down, CBS Local notes. Facebook declined, saying the video does not violate its community standards.

According to police, the girl was cited for the incident and referred to family services, the Index-Tribune reports. It's unclear what disciplinary action the school is taking, but Hawing told the Index-Tribune that they would be issuing an official statement soon.

Sources: Sonoma Index-Tribune, CBS News, Kit Dale/Facebook / Photo Credit: YouTube

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