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Delivery Man's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

A FedEx driver's act of kindness toward a woman hit by the flooding in Louisiana has gone viral.

Courtney Burkett Berdon posted an image on Facebook of the delivery man standing and praying with her mother in her driveway.

"The Fed Ex man was making a delivery at my home," she wrote underneath the image. "He saw my mom was hurting. He stopped and asked if he could pray for her. And there they stood… Together praying…."

Berdon regards the man's selfless act as an example of why people manage to overcome tragedies like the one in Baton Rouge.

"In the midst of tragedy and devastation, this is when we as humans do our very best," she wrote. "We come together and selflessly help each other one by one! This man will [n]ever know the impact he had on my mother but I know it has impacted her for a lifetime."

The Facebook post has over 15,000 likes and more than 903 comments.

"God will bless them both," one user commented. "Him for his compassion and her for receiving such love. They will never forget each other."

"So beautiful amidst such devastation. ," wrote another.

Berdon's is just one of many uplifting stories to come out of Baton Rouge over the last two weeks.

A Facebook post from Allison LaCombe Welch on Aug. 15 related an exchange she witnessed at Wal-Mart, in which a man offered to foot the bill for an older woman who had lost everything in the flood.

"It was so touching to see someone be so selfless, especially in this trying time for Louisiana!" Welch wrote, according to Fox News Insider. Her post was liked nearly 50,000 times.

At least 13 people have been killed by the devastating flood, with thousands more losing their homes, according to PBS.

Sources: Courtney Burkett Berdon/Facebook, Fox News Insider, PBS / Photo credit: Courtney Burkett Berdon/Facebook via WAGA

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