Wedding Ring Goes Viral For Unusual Engraving

Most wedding rings are engraved with promises of eternal love or notable dates, but  Amanda Tallman picked something a little different for her husband, Dan. The engraving reads, in a cursive font, “Put it back on.”

Dan’s best friend, Reddit user omGoddard, posted a photo of the engraving online and the engraving went viral, garnering more than 883,000 views in two days.  

“She’s a prankster. She’s got a great sense of humor,” Dan told ABC News.  “Some people are commenting that she must be insecure or something, but it’s quite the opposite. People tell us we have the best marriage they’ve ever seen.”

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Dan referred to the engraving as “Amanda in a nutshell,” but it seems to have worked - the couple has been married for five years and have three children together. 

Sources: Reddit, ABC News / Photo credit: Reddit

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