Anti-Trump Craigslist Ad Goes Viral


A Craigslist ad surfaced advertising a $15-per-hour job protesting at a Wisconsin rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The ad, which was ultimately removed from the classified ads website, was accompanied by a graphic supporting Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The ad said, reports Fox Insider:

"We are seeking people to protest the Donald Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. We are willing to pay $15 an hour for a maximum amount of 4 hours for this service.

"We are offering this amount because of the current income inequality that we are fighting in America today! There will be a pre-rally point at 3300 W. Tripp Road Janesville, WI 53548. I have permission to use this for a pre-rally point to provide signs, a time card, and a shuttle bus to the event.

"There will be a requirement of designated signature time stamps at the pre-rally and at the event every hour to combat fraud. You don't need anything except to show up in force. Please share with all family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media.

We've already had one listing removed because of Trump supporters flagging it. They don't want us to be there!!"

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Before the Janesville rally, several anti-Trump protesters were reportedly thwarted in their efforts after being screened by security.

Protesting Trump has become a disputed practice even among his strongest detesters, with 54-year-old Greg Gelembiuk telling The New York Times that "disrupting, shutting down his speech, actually helps him."

Despite his belief, Gelembiuk proceeded to protest at the rally shortly after Trump's speech began, pulling out two signs he had hidden in his jeans. He turned his back to Trump and held up the signs quietly. One sign had a picture of Trump with clown makeup and the quote "White Flour!" written on it.

After just a few seconds, Trump supporters began shouting the candidate's name, prompting security to usher Gelembiuk from his seat and out of the rally.

Sources: Fox News Insider, The New York Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Dan Scavino/Twitter

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