Woman Drops Child While Fighting (Video)


A 2015 video (below) of a heated argument during which a woman dropping her child is making its way around the Internet.

Although the cause of the brawl is unclear, it resulted in a woman disregarding the needs of the young girl she was holding.

The toddler, who was being held on the woman's hip, fell to the ground as the person with whom she was arguing pulled the mother’s hair. In the recording, someone can be heard saying "get the baby," reports the Daily Mail. Aside from that remark, the child appeared to be an afterthought.

The well-being of the women engaged in the brawl also appeared to be of little concern to others nearby, as the bystanders formed a circle around the fight instead of attempting to stop the fighting duo.

Although it is unknown whether this child was injured, an infant who had a similar fall in 2013 ended up with a fractured skull. According to WREG, two women in Jackson, Tennessee, were engaged in a fist fight that resulted in the intervention of the local police department and the Department of Child Services.

"When I came outside I saw police cars, people standing in a crowd," said resident Dolly Holloway, who lived in the area.

Capt. Tyreece Miller with the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jackson Police Department said the fight escalated quickly,

"Fists were used, they were actually fighting," Miller said. "These two women were fighting and during the course of this fight the infant was dropped."

The infant had a skull fracture and was taken hospital.

"I'm terribly disturbed by it, for the safety of our community and of our children," Holloway noted. "I'm ... it's just terrible."

Police petitioned Madison County Juvenile Court to place the child in custody of the Department of Child Services.

"Right now we feel like the child's environment is dangerous," Miller explained.

While both women faced misdemeanor assault charges, the mother of the 4-month-old was charged with additional crimes.

"We're looking at child abuse and or neglect on the mother," Miller said. "And it would be aggravated because of the age of the child."

Sources: Daily Mail, WREG / Photo credit: Screenshot via Sure News

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